About us

The history of the Apache brand begins in 2018

It was decided to bring a new spirit to high-quality Armenian products, branding and presenting them to the consumer. Initially Apache was presented to consumers only with crackers, which have 4 flavors.

Taking into account the demand and trust of the consumers, the company is updating the product day by day, presenting 4 products - crackers, sticks, sunflower seeds, chips, peanut, coffee and cookies. Now the company's products are presented in both Armenian and Russian and American markets.



Barbecue flavor 32g


first type wheat flour, margarine, drinking water, sugar, acidity regulator. 

Nutritional value 100g, 

protein 8g, fat 17g, carbohydrate 63g, energy value 437 kcal / 1829 kJ

Expiration date: 9 months